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Reddy Roasts provides an established brand plus an opportunity to utilise the buying power of a franchise

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A Licencing partnership with us is a WIN, WIN! Opportunity

Since we opened our first Reddy Roasts store, our food has become a well-respected and trusted brand with both suppliers and the public. We currently have a network of stores located throughout Melbourne South Eastern Suburbs and we are growing to support a wider area, with new location opportunities now on offer.

Being part of Reddy Roasts opens you to an abundance of tools and support to see you succeed in your new venture. We have strong relationships with all major suppliers in our wonderful industry, who are all supportive of our objective to strengthen our Reddy Roasts brand. With a supportive team and expert guidance, we are the perfect partner to grow with.

We give you the knowledge and support to run and grow a quality Reddy Roasts takeaway.

Reddy Roasts

what we offer

Reddy Roasts

Known Established Brand

Gain a competitive edge on the market by joining an established and iconic brand, where the ground work of promoting the company has already been done for you.

Reddy Roasts


We have vast industry experience and knowledge of support programs, with training available to support and fine tune your success.

Reddy Roasts


We can provide expert advice in the day to day running of the business as well as difficult situations to navigate, with sound guidance from our store owners and management team.

Reddy Roasts

System Resources

We can provide state of the art system resources to manage you in-house sales and stock management.

Reddy Roasts

Buying Power

Benefit from buying at bulk prices than buying as an individual, and when stocks are tight, your suppliers will maintain your ongoing orders.

Reddy Roasts

Business should be enjoyable

We are a network of like-minded experience people who are passionate about our businesses, focusing on a positive culture and making sure we have good relationships and fun along the way.